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The Artsformation Assembly is a participatory decision making platform bringing together a growing community of artists, cultural professionals, activists and researchers who work collaboratively to address the challenges stemming from Europe’s Digital Transformation. Our vision is to create a widespread network of practitioners that are focused on co-creating a united front advocating for the adaptation of solutions that create a diverse, equitable and inclusive 21st Century European Community. Through the Assembly, members can access, calls to action, artist assemblies, and a wealth of resources that facilitate the collaboration between an ever increasing European and international network of practitioners fighting for systemic change towards a just digital transition. The Assembly is a participatory platform, providing a safe space for online discourse, co-creation and collaboration, thus it has been structured as a membership-based community, requiring all participants to create a dedicated profile. The Assembly accepts members both based in Europe, as well as across the world, and membership is free of charge.


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